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Bahía de Caráquez and Chone, Manabí Province, Ecuador


Food, board, transportation, course materials, and program fees. Does not include: airfare* and insurance** See trip cost breakdown here!

Registration is completed in two steps: filling out a 5-10 minute registration form, and completing your first deposit. First, select the session you would like to travel and fill out the respective form. If you would like to register for a session that is not offered to your university, please contact your respective campus representative. After you have registered, see more information below on purchasing your flights and insurance, as well as helpful links and FAQs.

Registration Forms

Registration is not final until both your registration form is completed and your first deposit paid. Click on your desired session to be taken to a registration form. Please note deposit, flight, and insurance deadlines for your respective session.

winter 2019-20 sessions

Click here for the RFI Bamboo Architecture & Agriculture Workshop Brochure!

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Multiple Sessions with Students from Mixed Universities!

Session Three: January 11-20th (Offered to UC Berkeley SDSU, and CSU Long Beach) First $300 Deposit Due: October 25th Flight and Insurance Due: November 15th Final $1,225 Deposit and Waiver Due: December 15th

This Winter 2019-2020 Season, 25 spots are allotted to each Session. $200 early registration discounts will be given to the first five registrants for each session!

If you can not travel on the session dates offered to your university, please contact your respective campus representative or Program Manager,, to inquire about availability on other sessions.

Session One: December 27th-January 5th (Offered to Alabama, Cal Poly SLO, UC Davis, Oregon, and Northwestern) First $300 Deposit Due: October 15th Flight and Insurance Due: November 5th Final $1,225 Deposit and Waiver Due: December 1st

Session Two: January 3-12th (Offered to CU Boulder and USC) First $300 Deposit Due: October 15th Flight and Insurance Due: November 5th Final $1,225 Deposit and Waiver Due: December 1st

After filling out a Winter 2019-20 registration form, please scroll down to the Payment section to complete your registration!

Spring 2020 Sessions

Click here for the Soil Science and Endophytic Discovery Lab Brochure!

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March 21-28th Special Edition Course with an Ecological Research Component!

This year, RFI presents the opportunity to participate in an exclusive program with the Morsy Lab on Los Arboleros Farm in Ecuador. This program will be led by RFI and Dr. Mustafa Morsy from the University of West Alabama. This course will focus on exploring regenerative farming techniques, understanding the science and importance behind agroecological soil building practices, and conducting research activities alongside Dr. Morsy in his endophytic discovery lab. You may enroll in this program independently through RFI, or enroll through the University of West Alabama (UWA) to receive 4 credit hours transferred to your respective university. Please read carefully through the following three methods of registering for this course:

Course Dates: March 21-28th, 2020

Course Fees: Vary depending on registration method, see below for details!

  • Registering through UWA as a non-UWA student. (Course fees $2,600.00, flight and insurance included, 4 credit hours transferred.)

  1. Fill out the RFI online registration form.

  2. Complete the Transient Approval Form and send to Program Manager, Course Number and title to be listed as: BY-307 Independent Study: Ecuador Biological Diversity (4 credit hours)

  3. Complete and submit the online Transient Student Application for Admission.

  4. UWA faculty and administration will be in touch to handle payment, flight, and insurance logistics.

  • Registering independently through RFI for non-credit (Course fees $1,550.00, flight and insurance not included).

  1. Fill out the RFI online registration form.

  2. Follow the normal Payment, Flight, and Insurance instructions as detailed in the proceeding sections.

  3. Follow the Payment schedule as follows: First $300 Deposit Due: December 15th Flight and Insurance Due: January 30th Final $1,250 Deposit and Waiver Due: March 5th

  4. RFI Staff will be in touch about payment, flight, and insurance logistics

  • Registering through UWA as a UWA student (Course fees $2,600.00, financial aid applicable, flight and insurance included, 4 credit hours granted.)

  1. Fill out the RFI online registration form.

  2. Contact your UWA advisor about enrolling in BY-307 Independent Study: Ecuador Biological Diversity.

  3. UWA faculty and administration will be in touch to handle payment, flight, and insurance logistics.



@RegenerationFieldInstitute                                             This method is fastest, easiest and preferred. 

Paypal  Payments made through Paypal must be made as "Friends and Family" and through a linked bank account, or otherwise include an additional 3% to cover associated processing fees.



Made out to Regeneration Field Institute          You may deliver checks to your respective campus representative or mail them to Regeneration Field Institute c/o Nancy Unger 7910 Swartz Avenue Sebastopol, CA 95472. Please mail checks in a way that does not require a signature at the door as it makes it complicated when our staff is not present for check acceptance at this home office. 

*Flight Information


All team members will be expected to buy their own plane tickets to arrive in Guayaquil(GYE) before 3:00pm the day their trip begins. No flights arriving in GYE after 3:00pm will be permitted. Please enter your updated flight itinerary in the spreadsheet provided by your Campus Representative and communicate any changes immediately so that we are able to track your flight and confirm when you have safely landed in Ecuador. Your departing flight may leave anytime on the last day of your session as we always arrive in Guayaquil the night before. Please note that the program ends at 12:00pm on the last day of the session, so you will be responsible for getting yourself from the hostel to the airport after this time instead of being escorted by staff. The hostels we stay in organize rides to the airport with certified taxi services and are safe and reliable forms of transportation.

Arrivals and Transportation

Staff will arrive to the airport to start collecting students at 10:00AM on the first day of the program and leave on a private chartered bus no later than 3:00PM. If you will arrive before 10:00AM, please communicate with us ahead of time whether you will be taking a certified taxi from the airport to a nearby hostel or will be waiting for our staff to arrive at the airport at 10:00am. As soon as the last student has landed, we will embark on the 5-7 hour journey on a private bus to the coast. Please be reminded that RFI is not responsible for any issues involving flights, delays, cancellations etc. or lack of accurate communication from students about changes in their itineraries. 



All RFI participants are required to purchase a 7Corners RoundTrip Economy policy. A mandated university insurance travel policy or an alternate policy of equal or greater coverage may be submitted for approval but is not guaranteed to suffice, please submit your alternative policy and get it approved before purchasing. International students that are not U.S. citizens must identify an alternative policy with equal or greater coverage through a travel agent and submit for approval.


We require this policy because there are inherently significant and unique risks that you expose yourself to when you travel to a post-disaster region and work on construction sites, conditions that may not already be included through your current insurance coverage. Click here to review our identifies policy’s coverage brochure. Participants are responsible for understanding the coverage of the policy required by RFI and purchasing supplemental insurance as they feel necessary. Payments made to RFI are always nonrefundable, participants that need to cancel their trip can pursue getting their program fees refunded through insurance. When purchasing the 7Corners policy, make sure to calculate the total cost of your trip including the program fee, flight, and insurance so that if something happens to prevent you from attending the workshop that is a covered reason, insurance will reimburse you for all of your costs. 

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